• Top court official pledges BRI judiciary cooperation


    Chinese courts will improve judicial cooperation and exchanges with countries involved in the BRI to give stronger legal support to the building of a community with a shared future, according to China's top court.

  • SPC to clarify rules for new business types


    China's top court has pledged to clarify rules for judging cases involving new forms of business and refine unfair competition and monopoly criteria to maintain market order and meet new social development demands.

  • Top Shanghai court outlines BRI work


    A foreign business operator's popularity in its home country is a factor in determining whether another operator in the China market constitutes unfair competition, officials from the Shanghai High People's Court said recently.

  • Plan to boost protection of IP rights


    Chinese courts will strengthen intellectual property rights protection in new fields and more harshly punish violators, in order to effectively implement a newly released development plan.

  • One-stop commercial dispute service online


    A one-stop service for resolving international commercial disputes that opened on Wednesday is designed to meet the new demands of the online era and provide fast, convenient and low-cost legal services.

  • China’s first commercial mediation association established in Shenzhen


    The inaugural ceremony for China's first commercial mediation association – the Shenzhen Commercial Mediation Association (SCMA) – was recently held in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong province.