Guangdong courts embrace innovative, intensified measures for enforcement

(      Updated : 2019-05-08

Guangdong's top court has taken a full set of measures to help enforce court orders more quickly and effectively following a large verdict enforcement campaign by China's Supreme People's Court over the past three years, said a top official of the southern Chinese court.

"Giving full play to institutional advantages, intensifying the strength of tackling crucial points, and improving the mechanism of joint operation and joint punishment are a series of effective measures we've taken to solve the enforcement difficulties,” Gong Jiali, president of the Guangdong Higher People’s Court,said at the an interview themed on "Justices' Talks" held at the annual sessions of China's top legislative and top political advisory body in March.

All levels of courts in Guangdong province have settled 1.8 million cases by speeding up the sales of properties in some long-pending cases since 2016, ranking first in the country.

They have closed 632 companies as they disposed of property-free enforcement cases according to the law and strengthened property review and positive and negative list management; they have also transferred 84,000 cases to bankruptcy for liquidation.

To intensify the power of enforcement, the courts in Guangdong have published an online blacklist involving 827,000 defaulters, 7,687 of whom were blocked from exits and 945,000 were restricted in consumption.

During the campaign, they fined 94.16 million yuan ($13.99 million), detained 14,000 people and sentenced in 294 cases those who refused to fulfill court orders to pay debts and who disrupted public services.

Every court in the province has been strictly standardizing the whole process of enforcement by concluding online judicial auction transactions worth 100.48 billion yuan ($14.93 billion). They have also disposed of defaulters' properties without any costs, receiving no complaints, and settled almost all the petition cases in the province.

Being innovative is another way that Guangdong's courts overcome difficulties. Various innovative methods to improve the enforcement by the province's courts.

All levels of courts in Guangdong will strengthen leadership and team building and extensively popularize law education to overcome enforcement difficulties and protect citizens' interests, said Gong.

Gong Jiali(left) president of the Guangdong Higher People's Court and an NPC deputy, is interviewed on the sidelines of the annual two sessions in Beijing on March 8, 2019. [Photo/]