NE China court goes all out for provincial rejuvenation

(      Updated : 2019-05-06

Courts in Northeast China's Liaoning province have made remarkable progress in overcoming difficulties in enforcing court orders and improving trial quality, according to the president of the Liaoning top court at the "Justices' Talks", a program hosted by the information bureau of the Supreme People's Court and on March 11.

Liaoning's courts have united as one and made solid and all-out efforts for the public and the rejuvenation of the province, said Zhang Xuequn, president of the Liaoning Higher People's Court.

In 2018, Liaoning higher court strengthened trial management and work scheduling and took serious measures to improve trial quality and case settlement. It convened two provincial work meetings that year to elevate trial quality and efficiency, which indeed obtained a substantial leap, said Zhang.

Courts in Liaoning tried and settled 1,007,278 cases last year, an increase of 20.04 percent year-on-year, and the case settlement rate notched 90.84 percent, up 8.4 percent year-on-year. Each approved judge under the personnel system closed 192.23 cases on average, 32 more than the previous year, said Zhang.

After a whole year of hard and diligent work new trends in uprightness and justification and new deeds in serving and assuring the province's overall situation have formed among all levels of courts in Liaoning province, one of China's old industrial bases that badly needs to be revitalized through more reforms and economic restructuring.

Hard work also generated fruitful results in judicial work as comprehensive and coordinated reform on judicial system was further deepened and judicial work benefiting the general public was steadily carried forward.

Zhang regards 2018 as crucial year for tackling problems and cultivation change and he expects the new year of 2019 to be one in which no stone is left unturned.

Due to a comparatively weak foundation, last year's good momentum and an overall situation of provincial revival, Liaoning's courts must firmly grasp historic opportunities and get down to doing solid work with full responsibility and great dedication, Zhang explained.

He also called on all provincial courts in Liaoning to build and strengthen their political, innovation and task consciousness as well as their awareness of the need for urgency, service, supervision and security to serve the provincial blueprint of rejuvenation.

Zhang Xuequn(left) president of Liaoning Higher People's Court is interviewed at the "Justices' Talks" in Beijing on March 11, 2019. [Photo/]