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Jiangxi High People's Court President Ge Xiaoyan shares innovative approach to enforcement

(english.court.gov.cn)      Updated : 2019-04-19

Jiangxi High People's Court President Ge Xiaoyan attended "Justices' Talks", a program hosted by the information bureau of the Supreme People's Court (SPC) and chinacourt.org on March 4.

Ge listed a group of combined measures that Jiangxi has taken to improve enforcement, such as establishing a leading group consisting of 43 commissions and departments, developing an online platform that focuses on exposing and punishing persons subject to enforcement who fail to fulfill their obligations and exploring "insurance + relief", to raise the level of public satisfaction.

Jiangxi courts cannot progress without the joint efforts of all parties, Ge stated.

According to Ge, in 2018, Jiangxi courts handled 211,000 cases involving enforcement and closed 195,000 and the sum of money collected through enforcement was 69.12 billion yuan ($10.3 billion), year-on-year increases of 10.9 percent, 12.7 percent and 20.7 percent, respectively.

The courts throughout the province enforced 13,000 cases involving 550 million yuan that directly related to people's livelihoods. "It is our shame to let the laolai (a derogatory term for diehard debtors) live a comfortable life," she said, referring to 356 defendants sentenced to criminal penalties last year for refusing to obey court judgment orders.

Ge said that realizing the phased goal of "substantially resolving the difficulties in enforcement" did not signal the end of breakthrough in enforcement. Jiangxi courts will center on summarizing experience and learning from failure, normalize the existing mechanisms and further improve long-term mechanism for enforcement work, she added.

Jiangxi High People's Court President Ge Xiaoyan receives an interview on the "Justices' Talks" program. [Photo/ court.gov.cn]