• SPC gives interview on work report


    The Supreme People’s Court (SPC) gave a multimedia interview on March 9, highlighting the achievements of people’s courts all over the country based on the latest SPC work report.

  • New law lights blind masseurs’ career path


    Li Chunnan is in his 50s but he has yet to fulfill his dream of working as a medical masseur in the Chinese capital. Li’s inability to advance in his career isn’t because the man is unqualified – with 30 years of experience in the industry, he is licensed and has already passed many professional exams – but because he is visually impaired.

  • China's Legal System


    China's legal system covers laws that fall under seven categories and three different levels. The seven categories are the Constitution and Constitution-related, civil and commercial, administrative, economic, social, and criminal laws and the law on lawsuit and non-lawsuit procedures. The three different levels are state laws, administrative regulations and local statutes.

  • Cultural laws in focus


    China's legislation on culture is in the fast lane. The past two years have seen a slew of new laws and regulations being introduced and coming into effect, including the Film Industry Promotion Law, the Public Cultural Service Guarantee Law and the Public Library Law.

  • 2 new environmental laws to go into effect in 2018


    China will enact two new environmental protection laws at the start of 2018 -- one to formalize the emissions discharge fee into a tax collected from industrial polluters, and the other to combat water pollution more effectively.

  • China's top court vows to step up IPR protection


    China's top court pledged on Feb 28 to increase efforts to tackle intellectual property rights infringements, after the central government unveiled guidelines on IPR protection.

  • China to expand legal aid services to all rural areas


    BEIJING -- China will expand legal aid services in rural areas to give every village with at least one legal assistant by the end of 2018, said Justice Minister Zhang Jun on Jan 24.

  • Courts told to prioritize privacy protection


    Chinese courts have been ordered to fully protect litigants' personal information and boost efforts to analyze legal data while improving transparency, according to the Supreme People's Court.

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