• Court orders father to repay red pocket money


    The father of a 13-year-old boy has been ordered to return "red pocket money" given to his son, according to a local court in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong province, on Feb 14.

  • Allegedly maltreated boy appears before court in Guangdong


    A teenager rescued from seven years of alleged maltreatment at the hands of his aunt and uncle has appeared before the court in Pingyuan county, Meizhou city, Guangdong province.

  • Labor relationship on online platforms


    In recent years, the internet and traditional industries have increasingly become integrated. A new and complicated type of labor dispute has risen to determine whether online platforms and their employees are in a labor relation. This case is about the determination and judgment of the labor relation between the online express platform and its drivers in the context of the Internet Plus employment model. The author therefore has summarized the judging ideas and keynotes of such case.

  • Landmark pollution lawsuit gets underway in Beijing


    Beijing's first air class-action lawsuit related to pollution began an open hearing session at the city's No 4 People's Court on May 8.

  • NGO sues air-polluting company


    The All-China Environment Federation, a non-governmental organization, inspected the site and proceeded to sue air-polluting Zhenhua Company on March 19, 2015.

  • SPC, SPP release typical cases concerning compensation in criminal lawsuits


    The Anhui Provincial People’s Procuratorate correctly applied the law in supervising the decision, causing the Compensation Committee of the provincial higher people’s court to correct the earlier erroneous decision and justly safeguard the claimant’s legitimate rights and interest.

  • Supreme Court rules on first false litigation case


    The Supreme People’s Court’s second circuit court recently heard an appeal regarding allegedly borrowed money between the appellant Shanghai Oubao Biotechnology Co and the respondent Liaoning Trevi Co. The court ruled that it was a case of malicious collusion and fined the parties 500,000 yuan each.

  • Seven travelers sue a tourism company


    The court held that Li and the tourism company had established a contractual relationship. The company's tour guide didn't ask for reasons behind Li's discomfort or take immediate measures, such as sending him to hospital, so the company should bear some responsibility for Li's death in that it missed the best time for treatment.

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