• Juvenile offenders sent home to get help


    Juveniles from Jiangsu province who commit crimes in Shanghai can be brought to their hometown for redemption and supervision thanks to the country's first intra-provincial cooperation in juvenile prosecutions.

  • Pollution lawsuit rejected by court


    An environmental group on Sunday vowed to appeal to a higher court after its lawsuit against eight chemical plants over pollution in the Tengger Desert was rejected.

  • Bomb hoax gets Chinese man 1 year in prison


    A man in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang was sentenced on Friday to one year in prison for a bomb hoax in a hospital after a dispute with doctor.

  • Father appeals death sentence


    The father of a former medical student convicted of fatally poisoning his Fudan University roommate has made a personal appeal to the nation's highest court urging it to reject the death penalty imposed in the case.

  • Letters 'could affect' death penalty review


    Two letters written by Lin Senhao, a former medical student who was convicted of killing his roommate Huang Yang with poison, might influence public opinion in his favor, said experts.

  • Chinese man acquitted of murder after 11 years in prison


    A Chinese court on Tuesday acquitted a man who spent more than 11 years behind bars for the murder of a graduate school classmate.