• ConocoPhillips subsidiary fined for oil pollution


    The ruling suggests that any private industry production and operations should abide by law and that Chinese and foreign companies are equal before the law. They have a responsibility to protect and restore the environment and to pay compensation for proved loss to others.

  • Sany settles dispute with US govt


    Attorneys for Ralls Corp, a US subsidiary of China's major machinery manufacturer Sany Group, has settled its four-year lawsuit against the US government.

  • China court gives equal protection to foreign investor


    The litigation could not represent Thumb’s true intention and the court decided to deny the original judgment and reject Thumb’s appeal.

  • Ningbo court assists in upholding foreign case decision


    The court announced its final ruling on March 12, 2014 and recognized the judgment of the Wrocław court, with the civil file number I ACa 231/9, on April 8, 2009.

  • Ningbo court handles int’l arbitration requests


    The court stated that the arbitrator mentioned in the clause should be Beijing’s China International Economic Trade Arbitration Centre as indicated by its abbreviation, CIETAC, but the Chinese name of the agency in the clause is not accurate, so the arbitration clause in this case is not in violation of the Arbitration Law of China, so Yisheng’s request is denied.