Yang Zhenggen speaks at rule of law sub-forum of 2022 China Internet Civilization Conference

(english.court.gov.cn)     Updated : 2022-09-07

The Sub-Forum on Rule of Law Building in Cyberspace of the 2022 China Internet Civilization Conference was held on Aug 29, in North China's Tianjin municipality. Yang Zhenggen, president of the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court (IPC), attended the forum and delivered a speech on smart court construction.


Yang Zhenggen, president of the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court. [Photo/court.gov.cn]

Yang said that courts in Guangzhou have striven to implement the central authorities' requirements on propelling the in-depth integration of judicial work and sci-tech achievements in areas such as big data and artificial intelligence, focused on research, development and application of the highest standard, and pioneered a "Guangzhou route" in smart court construction.

Specifically, efforts were made to enhance the awareness of sci-tech-driven development so that attention could be given to cutting-edge technology and how they could empower judicial work, he said, adding that priority was given to sci-tech research and development, which have yielded a series of original outcomes, including six national level patents related to copyright dispute trials.

The application of frontier technology was further advanced and integrated into judicial work to help improve the overall quality and efficiency, according to Yang. Work was also done to improve resource coordination, operation management and defense capacity to safeguard smart court construction, he said.