Li Zhanguo speaks at rule of law sub-forum of 2022 China Internet Civilization Conference

(     Updated : 2022-09-06

The Sub-Forum on Rule of Law Building in Cyberspace of the 2022 China Internet Civilization Conference was held on Aug 29, in North China's Tianjin municipality. Li Zhanguo, president of the Zhejiang High People's Court (HPC), attended the forum and delivered a speech on the digital reform of courts.


Li Zhanguo, president of the Zhejiang High People’s Court. [Photo/] 

Earnestly implementing the Supreme People's Court's decision on smart court construction and Zhejiang government's requirements on digital reform, the Zhejiang HPC has propelled the digitization of trial and execution work and made fruitful exploration in online judicial auctions, trial recording reforms and online diversified dispute resolution, said Li.

The establishment of the Hangzhou Internet Court - the world's first internet court - in August 2017 pioneered a new internet judiciary model. The launch of a court app on smart phones in October 2017 made it possible to handle litigation and cases at one's fingertips, and has been of substantial use since the outbreak of the COVID-19, which brought file registration, trial and execution all online, and thus reduced the risks caused by physical contact, he added.

Based on the above progress, Li said that the Zhejiang HPC will strive to build a provincewide digital court that boasts in-depth integration of online and offline services, coordinates the connectivity of intranet and internet, and has all-time cable and wireless connection. The expected scenario of the "provincewide digital court" will be a judicial platform that covers full circle procedures, has all-time available services, a judicial model that is intelligent across all processes, and a judicial system that is fully transformed, he said.