Li Jing delivers keynote speech at rule of law sub-forum of 2022 China Internet Civilization Conference

(     Updated : 2022-09-06

The Sub-Forum on Rule of Law Building in Cyberspace of the 2022 China Internet Civilization Conference was held on Aug 29, in North China's Tianjin municipality. Li Jing, president of the Tianjin High People's Court (HPC), attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech.


Li Jing, president of the Tianjin High People's Court. [Photo/]

She said that the rapid development of information technology has brought unprecedented challenges to judicial trials, as well as opportunities for the high-quality development of courts' work. Earnestly implementing the central authorities' strategies on building a cyberpower, the Tianjin HPC has propelled the deep integration between internet technology and judicial work in recent years, including trial executions and litigation services in smart court construction, under the guidance of the Supreme People's Court and with support from the municipal government. These efforts have improved the capacity of the online judiciary and effectively responded to the people's judicial needs in the internet era.

Specifically, the Tianjin HPC has pooled high-quality resources to strengthen trials for internet-related cases, and has resolutely cracked down on cybercrime in a bid to maintain online order and fairness. It has also worked to promote and regulate the development of new business models in cyberspace. Focus was put on advancing the application of information technology in various areas of the court’s work in order to achieve intelligent trial process, efficient executions, and streamlined trial management. Efforts were also made to build one-stop litigation services and the diversified dispute resolution mechanism in order to provide more convenient and efficient judicial services to the people.