• Chinese firm wins condom battle


    Guangzhou Daming United Rubber Products has won a lawsuit against the Japanese firm over its claim to be manufacturer of thinnest condoms.

  • Train ticket glitch results in a lawsuit


    A court in Beijing's Haidian district earlier this month accepted the lawsuit of a visually impaired man who was suing China Railway Corp, asking for compensation and upgrades to the official train ticket website 12306.cn to make it easier for people like him to buy tickets online.

  • China's LeTV sues Baidu for illicit competition


    LeTV accused Baidu of blocking all advertisements while grabbing and playing the online stream of LeTV, a Beijing court said on Monday.

  • Public interest litigation needs more support


    CHINA BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION and Green Development Foundation has filed eight public interest lawsuits against enterprises that have polluted the desert in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, but all the lawsuits have been rejected by the local courts.

  • Seven on trial for killing and selling endangered birds


    Seven people charged with killing and selling 63 endangered wild birds have appeared in court in Hunan in the first case of its kind in the province.

  • Officials sentenced for prison scandal


    Two officials in Nehe were sentenced to one year in prison on Thursday for dereliction of duty after a prisoner seduced and blackmailed a number of women while behind bars.

  • Companies fined in KFC defamation


    The Xuhui District People's Court on Feb 2 said it had ordered three companies to pay KFC 600,000 yuan ($91,190; 83,600 euros) for damaging the US fast-food chain's reputation.

  • Millionaire jailed in car thefts


    Despite the biting cold, a 65-year-old parking lot attendant in Xianyang remained at her post in the open air for an extra two hours because she did not want to leave a vehicle that had a half-opened window and visible valuables.