• Leaders of gambling, sex ring jailed; officers punished


    Two leaders of a gambling and prostitution ring have been sentenced to life in prison and another 85 others were given jail sentences after a nightclub - involving 300 million yuan ($45.8 million) of illicit money - was busted in Zhengzhou, Henan province.

  • Forcing victims to drop cases no solution to pollution


    IN APRIL 2014, more than 300 children in Dapu town, Central China's Hunan province, were reported to be ill due to lead poisoning, with the finger of blame pointed at local company Meilun Dye and Chemical Plant. Fifty-three families sued the plant, yet the local government "persuaded" most of them to withdraw the case; of the 13 that insisted, only two got a compensation of 26,372 yuan ($4,112), according to a recent ruling. Gmw.cn said on Monday:

  • Life sentence upheld for former Bo Xilai aide


    A court in northeastern China has upheld a life sentence imposed on a former aide to disgraced Politburo member Bo Xilai.

  • Court takes case of improper detention


    A court in Henan province confirmed on Thursday that it has accepted the case of a man asking for 21 million yuan ($3.2 million) in state compensation for time spent in improper detention.

  • Former Shanxi legislator pleads guilty to corruption


    A former senior legislator in corruption-plagued Shanxi province pleaded guilty in court on Wednesday after being accused of accepting bribes of more than 120 million yuan ($18.4 million).

  • Chinese firm wins condom battle


    Guangzhou Daming United Rubber Products has won a lawsuit against the Japanese firm over its claim to be manufacturer of thinnest condoms.

  • Train ticket glitch results in a lawsuit


    A court in Beijing's Haidian district earlier this month accepted the lawsuit of a visually impaired man who was suing China Railway Corp, asking for compensation and upgrades to the official train ticket website 12306.cn to make it easier for people like him to buy tickets online.

  • China's LeTV sues Baidu for illicit competition


    LeTV accused Baidu of blocking all advertisements while grabbing and playing the online stream of LeTV, a Beijing court said on Monday.