• Judges urge trademark applicants to be more honest


    Individuals and enterprises should be more honest when applying to register trademarks since many applicants have lost lawsuits due to deception in recent years, Beijing judges said.

  • Beijing courts to find foreign mediators


    Foreign mediators are expected to participate in dispute resolution in Beijing courts to improve the judiciary's capacity to handle foreign-related affairs, a senior judge from China's top court said.

  • Mental anguish payouts raised for wrongful imprisonment


    China's top court has raised the level of compensation for mental anguish suffered by those wrongfully detained and convicted to strengthen human rights protection and further uphold justice.

  • Fight against corruption stepped up


    The crackdown on corruption continued to intensify last year, according to data from the annual work reports of the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate, which were delivered to the top legislature early this month.

  • Country's second financial court opens in Beijing


    A court specializing in hearing finance-related lawsuits opened in Beijing on Thursday to help create a sound financial environment and promote the healthy development of the economy.

  • China regulates case jurisdiction of Beijing Financial Court


    China's top court on Tuesday published a regulation on the jurisdiction over cases of the Beijing Financial Court (BFC) to ensure its accurate law applications.

  • Top court works to advance personality rights


    The top court is paying close attention to personality rights issues, especially personal information and privacy protection, and it will release new rules in accordance with the Civil Code, a Supreme People's Court official said recently.

  • China clarifies rules on punitive damages for IPR infringements


    Chinese top court on Wednesday released a set of judicial interpretations to further clarify the application of punitive damages in civil cases involving intellectual property right (IPR) infringements.