• IPR protection effort makes great strides


    China has seen stronger protection of intellectual property rights and faster development of innovation under the particular care and high requirements of the central leadership, authorities and IPR experts said.

  • Courts to assist development of healthy internet economy


    Chinese courts have been required to intensify efforts in the next five years to hear cases against monopolies and unfair competition.

  • Courts vow to add impetus to China's anti-monopoly drive


    Chinese courts will step up judicial work to facilitate the country's anti-monopoly drive, says a plan on judicial protection for intellectual property rights (IPR) for the 2021-2025 period.

  • Chinese courts accept online filing of 10.8 mln cases in 2020


    Chinese courts nationwide accepted the filing of 10.8 million cases online in 2020, accounting for 54 percent of the total suits filed in the first instance, according to a blue paper released on April 14.

  • Courts ordered to focus on monopoly cases


    Chinese courts are required to intensify efforts in hearing cases related to monopolies and unfair competition to prevent the disorderly expansion of capital and improve the healthy development of internet-related economy.

  • Courts get smarter, more convenient


    People can get quicker access to a broader range of legal services now that Chinese courts have become "smarter" due to the adoption of more technological applications, a blue book said last week.

  • Beijing Internet Court hears 30,000 online copyright cases


    The Beijing Internet Court heard nearly 30,000 online copyright cases in 2020 as the internet enterprises and cultural creativity industry grew quickly across the capital in these years, the court said on Tuesday.

  • Beijing courts vow to keep fighting against court cheats


    Beijing courts pledged on Wednesday to continue the fight against those who take advantage of assets seized by the courts using illegal means, as a move to advance the rule of law and improve social credit across the city.