• Legal aid advances rights of suspects


    Legal aid working offices have been set up in all detention houses and courts across the country to offer free legal services to suspects and defendants in a bid to protect their legal rights, a senior official from the Ministry of Justice said.

  • Interns make a case for time at top court


    Lawyer Xu Fenfen encountered her first criminal case involving a fatality when she was an intern at China's top court last year.

  • Top court to clarify self-defense


    Judicial professionals gave a thumbs-up after China's top court said it is preparing to interpret when self-defense should be considered excessive.

  • Court president emphasizes the need to create sound financial legal environment


    The head of China’s top court emphasized the need to create a sound financial legal environment and provide judicial services and guarantees of economic and social development during his visit to the Shanghai Financial Court on Sept 17.

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