• Huawei sues Samsung for millions


    Huawei has filed lawsuits against Samsung Electronics Co Ltd over alleged patent infringements, demanding compensation as high as $11.95 million.

  • Greek firm told to pay for Chinese salvage work


    China's top court ordered a Greek company to pay a Chinese transport authority 6.59 million yuan ($985,000) on Thursday for breaching a salvage agreement, overturning the original ruling.

  • Apple sued in China over film copyright


    World tech giant Apple is involved in another lawsuit in China and this time it is over the copyright of a film, according to Cankaoxiaoxi.com which cites The Sydney Morning Herald website.

  • Chances high for more patent cases


    Apple Inc's latest patent dispute in China may hurt the company's iPhone sales and harm its brand image in the world's largest smartphone market, experts said.

  • Disney sues Chinese companies over copyright infringement


    Two Disney subsidiaries have sued three Chinese companies for infringement of intellectual property rights and unfair competition.

  • China's supreme court rules against Eli Lilly in patent infringement case


    The Supreme People's Court (SPC) of China on June 16 rejected the appeal of U.S. pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Co. against Jiangsu-based Changzhou Watson Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. in a long-standing patent infringement case.

  • OSI Group to appeal Chinese court's verdict


    US food purveyor OSI has called "unjust" a Chinese court's fines against it and prison sentences for 10 of its employees over allegations of giving expired meat products to US-based fast-food restaurants in China.

  • Canadian charged with spying


    A Canadian citizen has been charged with prying into and stealing State secrets, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Friday.