Zhang Jun urges promoting high-quality judicial work with scientific analysis on judicial data

(english.court.gov.cn)      Updated : 2024-04-16

On April 15, the Supreme People's Court (SPC) convened a consultation meeting to analyze and assess the data on judicial adjudication in the first quarter of 2024, discussing and planning relevant work for the next step.


The Supreme People's Court convenes a consultation meeting on April 15 to analyze and assess the data on judicial adjudication in the first quarter of 2024, discussing and planning relevant work for the next step. Zhang Jun, president of the SPC, presided over the meeting. [Photo/court.gov.cn]

Zhang Jun, president of the SPC, presided over the meeting. He stressed the importance of using scientific data analysis to promote the high-quality development of judicial work. 

Judicial adjudication data directly reflects the effectiveness of adjudication execution and management. Statistics show that there has been a significant reversal in the upward trend of case-filing numbers nationwide in the first quarter of this year, with four provinces experiencing a year-on-year decrease of over 10 percent. Adjudication management indicators show an improvement in adjudication work, with 18 out of 26 items demonstrating a trend towards improvement year-on-year. The rate of second-instance court hearings has increased by over 20 percentage points; the time for transferring appeal cases has decreased by more than a quarter; and the execution completion rate and the rate of cases concluded within the time limit have both significantly increased. The year-on-year decrease in unresolved litigation cases lasting for over one year now exceeds 56 percent. 

Taking into account the issues reflected in the data and the input from participants at the meeting, Zhang outlined specific requirements for further utilizing the outcomes of the meeting. 

He emphasized the need to continue to thoroughly understand the situation based on the existing analysis report and to fulfill the supervisory and guiding functions of the SPC. 

Any significant anomalies in the data, whether in an upward or downward trend, should be proactively communicated with local courts to provide scientific and targeted supervision and guidance, he said, adding that a long-term consultation meeting mechanism with lower-level courts should be established. 

Zhang urged all departments and circuit courts of the SPC to fully utilize the results of quarterly data analysis and consultation meetings, strengthen communication with relevant courts, and guide them in addressing major issues in their work. 

He emphasized the integration of case handling and management, saying that the data analysis and consultation meetings should not raise the pressure or burden but rather make judicial management more scientific and effective, promoting the continuous improvement of judicial capabilities and case handling efficiency. 

Zhang urged heads of the courts and tribunals at all levels to take on their responsibilities effectively, ensuring that the requirements of judicial management and unified legal applications are transmitted to courts at all levels. 

The meeting highlighted the commitment of the SPC to utilizing a data-driven approach to enhance the quality and effectiveness of judicial work, ultimately contributing to the continuous improvement of the judicial system.


Heads of the SPC's departments and circuit courts attend the consultation meeting.[Photo/court.gov.cn]