Supreme People's Court mandates better handling of IP

(      Updated : 2023-01-10



Chinese courts are required to make greater effort when dealing with intellectual property cases involving core technologies and emerging businesses this year, to promote new development patterns and high-quality growth.

The better handling of IP disputes and other cases involving emerging industries will stimulate innovation and advance the digital economy, the Supreme People's Court said while raising the requirement at an annual court meeting on Sunday.

China's top court called for judges to fully protect the rights of private businesses and entrepreneurs, with greater focus on solving bankruptcy and financial cases.

In other news, the Supreme People's Court said that polluters will continue to be harshly punished, adding that the handling of cases involving foreign parties will be improved.

It also ordered courts to respond public concerns for justice, by more strongly protecting women, children, the elderly and the disabled.

On Friday, the top court summed up the judicial achievements of the past decade, including fighting corruption, protecting national security and human rights, guaranteeing livelihoods and setting up technology-friendly courts.

Over the past 10 years, some 341,000 people involved in 311,000 cases were punished for corruption, bribery and malpractice, with 9,553 defendants acquitted due to insufficient evidence, according to the top court.