People's Court News and Media Agency

(     Updated : 2023-01-03

The People's Court News and Media Agency is a public institution under the leadership of the Supreme People's Court (SPC). It compiles and publishes the People's Court Daily and the People's Judicature journal, runs the website of, and operates the websites of,, and

The agency is also in charge of the tianpingyangguang mobile terminal, new media outlets of the SPC, such as Weibo, WeChat, apps and mobile newspaper, as well as the Movie and Television Production Center of the SPC.


Party secretary and publisher: Wang Jinya

Deputy Party secretary and editor-in-chief: Zhang Shouzeng

Member of the Party committee and deputy editor-in-chief: Xie Shenghua

Member of the Party committee and secretary of the discipline inspection commission: Zhao Zhijun