National Judges College

(     Updated : 2022-12-28

The National Judges College (NJC) is a government-sponsored institution directly under the Supreme People's Court (SPC). It is one of the main institutes offering education and training programs for Chinese judges. It is also known as the Judicial Case Academy of the SPC and the Judges International Exchange Center of the SPC.

The NJC is also a research base for judicial cases of Chinese courts and an important window for the SPC to carry out international exchanges.

The college provides training programs according to the Judges Law of the People's Republic of China and Regulations on the Training of Judges, and develops educational programs at master and doctoral levels. It hosts training courses for foreign judges and judicial officials, and conducts international judicial research and exchange programs.


Party chief and president: Sun Xiaoyong 

Members of the Party committee and vice-presidents of the college: Li Xiaomin, Hu Tianye, Wang Xiaofang 

Member of the Party committee and secretary of the college's Party commission for discipline inspection: