China Women Judges Association

(     Updated : 2022-12-28

Founded in May 1994, the China Women Judges Association (CWJA) is a national, professional and non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by female judges of the people's courts and special courts, those with vocational certificates and involved in managerial posts, and by social bodies composed of above-mentioned individuals.

The CWJA strives to be politically advanced, better represent the people and play the role as a bridge linking the Party and the people. It organizes research on applied jurisprudence, academic exchanges and trainings on laws, with focus on core functions of courts. The organization takes actions to safeguard the lawful rights of female judges and their occupational dignity, conducts legal counseling and publicity on the protection of legal rights and interests of women and children and the fight against domestic violence. It also publicizes exemplary deeds of female judges, recommends talents among them, shows love and care in both work and life, and listens to and collects their views and proposals.

The CWJA also aims to develop friendly ties with other women-oriented social organizations, strengthen exchanges among female judges, women's institutions and women from Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, Taiwan province and other countries, advance academic and friendly exchanges, and give full play to its functions of presenting proposals, publicizing relevant policies, bridging the Party and the people, and safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of female judges.

President: Song Yushui

Secretary-General: Tang Humei