China Association of Judges

(     Updated : 2022-12-28

Founded in May 1994, the China Association of Judges (CAJ) is a national non-profit professional social organization, which was formed voluntarily by judges of people's courts at all levels and judges of special people's courts, persons with qualifications for the post of judges, and staff engaged in the management of judges, as well as social organizations composed of the above personnel. 

The CAJ adheres to the principle of strengthening political consciousness, becoming more advanced and better representing the people, focuses on the core tasks of people’s courts, unites and leads judges, and actively fulfils its functions as a platform to offer suggestions, publicize legal knowledge, promote exchanges and communication, and guarantee judges’ legitimate rights and interests. 

It is committed to conducting applied law research, carrying out academic exchanges and training programs, improving judges' professional quality and work ethic, ensuring fair justice, enhancing judicial credibility, safeguarding judges' legitimate rights and interests, boosting international and regional academic exchanges and cooperation, and to serving as a platform for judges to discuss professional issues, publicizing the rule of law, acting as a bridge for domestic and international exchanges, and organizing judges’ cultural activities. 

President: Zhou Qiang

Vice-presidents: Tao Kaiyuan, Gao Jinghong, Ma Shizhong, Yang Wanming, Song Yushui

Secretary general: Cheng Xinwen