Colorful activities to celebrate the National Day

    Updated : 2022-10-04


Tourists visit the Palace Museum in Beijing on Oct 2. [Photo by Du Jianpo/For]


Folk artists perform at Lianyun Old Street, Lianyungang city, Jiangsu province on Oct 1. [Photo by Wang Chun/For]


Tourists enjoy underwater performances in the Haichang Whale Shark Ocean Park in Yantai, Shandong province on Oct 1. [Photo by Tang Ke/For]


Tourists visit the glass museum of Qinhuangdao city, Hebei province on Oct 2. [Photo by Cao Jianxiong/For]


Tourists film a giant flower and fruit basket "Blessing the Motherland" at Tiananmen Square in Beijing on the evening of Oct 1. [Photo by Lv Haojun/For]


Students create paintings on a 100m long scroll at a primary School in Handan, Hebei province on Sept 28. [Photo by Hao Qunying/For]


People take a group photo in front of a mobile billboard celebrating the National Day in Hong Kong on Oct 1. [Photo by Andy Chong/For]


A paper-cutting artist uses the theme of National Day for her art in Fengrun district, Tangshan city, Hebei province on Sept 30. [Photo by Zhu Dayong/For]


Tourists visit the ancient village of Hongcun, Yixian county, Huangshan city, Anhui province on Oct 2. [Photo by Shi Yalei/For]