Yang Linping speaks on smart court construction at BRICS Justices Forum

(english.court.gov.cn)     Updated : 2022-09-22

Yang Linping, vice-president of the Supreme People's Court (SPC) of China, attended the BRICS Justices Forum on Sept 21, and delivered a speech on China's smart court construction during the panel session on the "in-depth application of judicial big data to enhance impartial justice and social governance".

According to her, work has been done to build a one-stop diversified dispute resolution and litigation service system, so that large amounts of disputes can be resolved at the source and no litigation would be required. A whole-process online service, including registration, court hearings and judgment delivery, has also been advanced, she noted.

Every procedure of trial work has gone intelligent by promoting e-file-based online case handling, developing smart assistance systems, and facilitating inter-departmental information sharing and work coordination, to achieve swifter justice, she said. 

Execution work has also been modernized by building an information monitoring network and a system for joint disciplinary actions against credit-related violations, as well as fully promoting commission-free online judicial auctions, so that winning parties can rapidly cash their benefits, according to Yang.

The internet judiciary models have been innovated, such as establishing internet courts and online regulation systems, in a bid to crackdown on cyberspace crimes for a law-based cyberspace, she said.

The analysis and application of judicial big data has also been intensified, so that judicial data were disclosed according to law, trials were analyzed in real time and the judicial big data underwent thematic analysis, all of which are conducive to the targeted judicial management and social governance, she said.