Video: How disputes are mediated in a Chinese court

(      Updated : 2022-03-07

In China, some disputes, especially simple ones, have been successfully resolved through mediation in courts. This method can save people more time, compared with resolving problems via litigation, which generally takes at least three months. It can also help judges focus more on legal issues in difficult cases.

Now, courts will review the issues after receiving disputes. They will select cases suitable for mediation and then ask both sides if they agree to the process. If they agree, their dispute will be passed on to mediators, who have been given legal training, to be handled. If the mediators encounter legal issues they are unsure about or if either side decides to go back to litigation during the mediation process, the judges will offer them guidance and assistance.

On Feb 15, a China Daily reporter visited the mediation center at the Beijing Fangshan District People's Court to see how two civil disputes were successfully resolved through mediation. Here is a video of the visit.