China's Hunan punishes defendants for mafia-style crimes

(Xinhua)     Updated : 2020-06-30

CHANGSHA -- Seventeen defendants were given sentences, ranging from the death penalty to prison terms, for mafia-style crimes in central China's Hunan Province on Monday, according to a local court.

The intermediate people's court in Loudi City said Zeng Dehong, the gang leader, committed dozens of crimes, including creating mafia-style organizations, selling and transporting drugs, and intentional homicide and rape. He was sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life, and had all his personal property confiscated.

The court investigation found Zeng had been recruiting drug users to gain illegal economic benefits through criminal activities such as drug trafficking, setting up gambling and game rooms, and running online gambling and fraud platforms since 2017. Besides selling over 30 kg of drugs, the gang also conducted unlawful detentions, affrays, and intentional homicides.

The other 16 gang members in court received sentences ranging from death, death with reprieve, life imprisonment, and fixed-term imprisonment from 12 to 25 years.