SPC head urges full implementation of Civil Code, further improvements in civil trials

(english.court.gov.cn)     Updated : 2020-06-14

A special meeting to study the Civil Code is held on June 12 at the Supreme People’s Court. Zhou Qiang, secretary of the leading Party members’ group and president of the Supreme People’s Court,hosts the meeting.[Photo/court.gov.cn]

Zhou Qiang, secretary of the leading Party members’ group and president of the Supreme People’s Court (SPC), urged courts to fully implement the Civil Code and further improve the quality of civil trials.

Zhou made the remarks at a special meeting to study the newly adopted Civil Code held on June 12. Liu Junchen, vice-chairman of the Legislative Affairs Commission of the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, was invited at the meeting to interpret the code’s significance, background, main contents, and updates of some specialized laws related to it.

Zhou said that courts nationwide should coordinate implementation of the Civil Code with regular epidemic prevention and control, optimization of the business environment, dissolution of big risks and carrying out of precise poverty alleviation and pollution prevention and control so as to provide strong judicial services and guarantees for bothCOVID-19 prevention and control and economic and social development.

Courts should stick to people-centered philosophy to strengthen civil trials and trial supervision and guidance, especially in the areas of protection of property rights, personality rights, intellectual property rights and the ecological environment, said Zhou.

They should uphold core socialist values in implementing the Civil Code, stick to basic principles of civil law such as equality, voluntariness, fairness and honesty, and help society to form models of good behavior with their verdicts so as to increase the public’s familiarity with the code in their daily lives.

Zhou urged courts to strengthen Civil Code training for their personnel so they can precisely acquire its legislative spirit, main ideas and key aspects, and especially its new regulations and requirements.

He also required courts to further improve theoretical research on civil trials and trial quality and efficiency.

Courts are furthermore required to identify and sort out all judicial interpretations, guiding cases and cases released on the SPC’s gazettes related to civil laws, and draft and compile interpretations matching them to the Civil Code to strengthen trial guidance and ensure the uniform and correct implementation of the code.