Seminar for judges of Bangladesh closes

(      Updated : 2019-07-09

The 2019 Seminar for Judges of Bangladesh has deepened judicial exchanges between Bangladesh and China, said a justice of the Supreme People's Court of China as the program closed on July 8.

The Bangladeshi judges visited China's courts of four levels and the Beijing Internet Court to directly learn about China’s judicial system, national conditions and smart courts construction, said Hu Yunteng, justice of the SPC.

He said he hopes the two nations' courts and judges will continue to strengthen their judicial exchanges and cooperation and boost the two countries' friendship.

China and Bangladesh enjoy a strategic cooperative partnership and the two countries' cooperation and exchanges will be closer and closer as the BRI is more deeply implemented, said Hu.

A Bangladeshi judge at the seminar made remarks in the closing ceremony of the program expressing appreciation for the successful event.

Hu issued the certificates of completion awarded by the seminar to the judges.