Bronze ware transmission starts cooperation between cultural and judicial departments

(      Updated : 2018-11-01

Attendees pose for a photo after the event at the China Court Museum. [Photo/]

Six bronze wares of the Shang (c.16th century -- 11 century BC) and Zhou (11th century -- 256 BC) dynasties were transferred to the China Court Museum for permanent collection on Oct 30.

The transferred relics show political features of the period, including three inscriptions that enrich the relics' historical research and cultural values.

Zhou Qiang, president of the Supreme People's Court (SPC) and Liu Yuzhu, head of the National Cultural Heritage Administration attended the transferring ceremony.

Zhou showed his gratitude for the National Cultural Heritage Administration's support of the cultural construction of the SPC and said the top court will make efforts to protect and collect judicial cultural relics and historical materials.

The newly received wares enrich the museum's collection and help promote China's judicial culture, he added.

He also stressed the SPC will focus on matters of preservation of cultural relics and improve related regulations and policies and will strengthen cooperation with cultural departments to support judicial relics discovery.

Liu outlined the rich history of China's justice and legal system and emphasized that the transferring will be an opportunity for cooperation between the two sides.

Also present at the event were Zhang Shuyuan and Yang Wanming, both vice presidents of the SPC; and Hu Bing, deputy director of the National Cultural Heritage Administration.

The museum, established in February 2008, has collected a large number of precious historical materials through which visitors can learn about the outstanding achievements in the judicial history of other countries as well as China's judicial development.