Students visit court to learn more about law

(      Updated : 2017-12-29

Over 50 students from Ningling county in central China’s Henan province recently visited the local people’s court to deepen their understanding of rules and laws.

Most of them are left-behind children and many of them said they felt excited to visit a court for the first time.

They learned briefly about the case registration process and visited the judicial tribunal.

Judges at the court explained about school yard bullies and the importance of learning rules and laws.

Students also went to the legal cultural corridor to learn more about the history and culture of law.

“To me, courts are sacred,” said Liu Na. “I will study hard and abide by rules and regulations. I want to be a judge when I grow up.”

A judge at the litigation service center explains the case registration process. [Photo by Bian Lina/People’s Court Daily]

Students visit the legal cultural corridor on the second floor of the court building. [Photo by Bian Lina/People’s Court Daily]

Judges of the family court answer students’ questions. [Photo by Bian Lina/People’s Court Daily]