'Neighborhood judge' passes on warmth

By Jiang Xingguang (english.court.gov.cn)      Updated : 2017-10-19

Judge Zheng Xiaohong [Photo/People's Court Daily]

Working as a judge at the basic level for 13 years, Zheng Xiaohong visited over 60 communities and more than 30 small commodity markets in her local region, concluding 4,000 plus cases without a single error or appeal reported.

In 2007, Zheng came to work at a circuit court of the Jianghan district in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province. Minyi Street, where she's based, is an old section in the city, and so she always needs to courier legal documents and drop by in person to conduct investigation and conciliation.

Since she frequently visits local households, people living near the street have begun to greet her with smiles in the streets, and to call her a "neighborhood judge".

"Smiles bring people warmth, and I wish to send the temperature of law to the public with my smile," said Zheng.

From all her years of work, Zheng said she feels deeply that many civil cases are not simply conflicts of interest - black and white or right and wrong. Rather, they often contain misunderstandings or even strong feelings, like love and hate.

She believes that plain law - without a thorough understanding of the knots in the deep of the heart - cannot solve problems fundamentally.

"I will always keep the noble responsibility as a Party member and judge in mind: stick to justice that serves the people in fairness," said Zheng.

"I will work hard to achieve the goal of 'letting the people feel fairness and justice in every single case' I handle, and always be a good judge - trustworthy and amiable - in the hearts of the people." she added.