Judge Huang Zhili respected and loved

By Jiang Xingguang (chinadaily.com.cn)      Updated : 2016-06-15

Huang Zhili [Photo/Xinhua]

“I never know what the next case will be. As an ordinary person, I feel privileged to share the ups and downs of the people involved. I will keep on devoting my time and energy to listening to and trying to persuade them, offering advice and judgment. All the experience will be kept in the bottom of my heart.” said Huang Zhili sincerely.

The deputy chief judge of a local court in South China’s Fujian province, Huang was named as one of the best local judges in 2015.

Over the past 14 years, she has been working at the Xiangcheng People’s Court of Zhangzhou and has judged over 5100 cases without a single complaint.

“Zhili is a good judge,” said Chen, an elder of a local village.

In the late 1990s, Chen sued her eight children to get increased financial support. Huang paid a visit to her the following week, taking notes on the details of her life. In a conciliation meeting, Huang recounted Chen’s everyday story, which is persuasive and touching, to her children. In the end, the children changed their minds and were eager to have mom live with them.

Huang opened her own office to receive people, and goes to the community and remote countryside twice a week. She also joins the circuit court to offer legal consultations.

“My greatest pleasure comes from the relieved smiles of the people involved.” said Huang.