SPC vice president attends 12th congress of IASAJ

(chinadaily.com.cn)      Updated : 2016-05-13

Jiang Bixin, vice-president of China’s Supreme People's Court, recently traveled on official business to Turkey and Portugal. In Istanbul, he attended the 12th Congress of the International Association of Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions.

The congress, held from May 3 to 6, welcomed over 160 delegates from 60 plus member groups and 20 observers.

The congress focused primarily on alternative dispute resolution, but also sponsored discussions on government procurement contracts, the role of civil servants, and tax revenue.

China was elected a council member of the association for a six-year term at the congress.

In Ankara, Jiang met with the head of the Supreme Court of Appeal of Turkey, and in Portugal he met with the heads of Portugal’s Supreme Court of Justice and Supreme Administrative Court. He exchanged ideas on a variety of topics, including court systems, the selection and appointment of lawyers, and administrative adjudication.