SPC vice president meets EWHC judge

     Updated : 2016-04-08

He Rong, vice president of China’s Supreme People’s Court, met with William Blair, Judge of the Commercial Court of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales (EWHC), in Beijing on March 29.

The SPC vice president welcomed Mr. Blair and his delegation and introduced the judicial exchanges between China and the United Kingdom in recent years as well as foreign-related commercial trials by Chinese courts.

The exchanges and cooperation between the two countries’ courts have always been at a significant level, with regular high-level visits from each side, according to He.

He said that to advance the relationship the courts will research commercial dispute resolution mechanisms which are sure to push forward “Belt and Road” construction and Sino-UK trade.

Mr. Blair said he hopes Chinese courts’ research of commercial fields can be strengthened to contribute to economic development and perfecting of the judicial systems of both countries.

The two sides exchanged opinions on litigation and arbitration, bankruptcy cases, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration. Following their discussions they visited the China Court Museum and the SPC information center.