Updated : 2016-03-31


Table of Contents

Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China (continued) (76)

Administrative Review Law of the People’s Republic of China (86)

Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress

Appointment and Discharge of Judicial Officers of the Supreme People’s Court (85)

Supreme People’s Court

Announcement on the Issue of Each High People’s Court’s Accepting Civil and Economic Cases as Courts of First Instance (90)

Supreme People’s Court Ministry of Justice

Joint Announcement on Several Issues Respecting Civil Legal Aid Work (90)

Supreme People’s Court

Notice on Printing and Distributing the Provisional Stipulations Concerning the Training of Judicial Policeman of the People’s Court (91)

Supreme People’s Court

Notice on Printing and Distributing the Model Documents for Use in Court Criminal Proceedings (Sample) (92)

Supreme People’s Court

Regulation on the Work of Specially Invited Consultant (94)

Supreme People’s Court

Working Rules of the Indemnity Committee (94)

Judicial Interpretation

Supreme People’s Court

Arrangements Concerning the Service of Judicial Documents in Civil and Commercial Matters through Reciprocal Commission of the Courts of the Mainland and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (95)

Supreme People’s Court

Reply on Whether the People’s Court Shall Accept the Application For Recognition of a Civil Conciliation of the Concerned Courts or a Conciliation Agreement Issued or Confirmed by the Concerned Authorities in the Taiwan Region Filed by the Parties in Possession Thereof (96)

Leading Cases

Cao Yasha and Liu Jinxiang case of financial documentary swindling (97)

Guo Qingwen case of producing and selling counterfeit and inferior goods (99)

Beijing Zhongrui Cultural Dissemination Co. Ltd. v. Beijing Lingdian Market Survey and Analysis Co. in matters concerning unfair competition disputes (100)

Dongfang International Group Shanghai Municipality Foreign Trade Ltd. v.Lanzhou Jincheng Travel Service (Group) Co. Ltd. appeal case in matters concerning disputes with respect to the ascertainment of a guaranty contract relationship (102)

Liu Youxiang v. Luoyang Sub Railway Department Luoyang Train Section and Changsha General Railway Corporation Chenzhou Train Affairs Section in matters concerning disputes over compensation for railway passenger traffic casualties (105)

Maoming Municipality Grain Bureau Cereals and Oils Supplies Company v.Maoming Municipality Joint Supply & Marketing Cooperative Special Railway Line Operational Department retrial case concerning transportation contract disputes (107)

(Translated by Dr. Hanfu Liu)