Updated : 2016-03-31


Table of Contents

Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China (4)

Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress

Decision on Penalizing Crimes of Foreign Exchange Defrauding, Evasion and Illegal Transaction (12)

Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress

Appointment and Discharge of Judicial Officers of the Supreme People’s Court (25)

Pushing the People’s Courts’ Overall Works Forward and to Provide Powerful

Judicial Safeguarding for Reform, Development and Stability Xiao Yang (13)

Some Problems to Be Paid Attention to in Current Economic Adjudication Li Guoguang(18)

Supreme People’s Court, Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security Ministry of Justice, General Customs Administration

Notice on Some Questions Governing the Application of Criminal Procedure in Smuggling Crime Cases by the Smuggling Crime Investigation Authorities (21)

Judicial Interpretation

Supreme People’s Court

Stipulations Concerning Fees and Review Duration Issues in Recognizing and Enforcing Foreign Arbitration Awards (22)

Supreme People’s Court

Reply on Several Issues Concerning Pre—Trial Property Sequestration (22)

Supreme People’s Court

Interpretation of Several Issues Concerning the Concrete Application of Law in Handling Illegal Publications Criminal Cases (23)

Supreme People’s Court

Reply on Which Criterion to Be Followed in Calculating a Fine for Delaying Payment of Telephone Fee (24)

Supreme People’s Court

Reply on Relevant Issues Concerning Provisional Execution Outside Prison Decided by the People’s Court (25)

Leading Cases

R v. Zhang Ziqiang et al. appeal case in matters of illegal dealing in and transportation of explosive,robbing,kidnapping,arms and ammunition smuggling,illegal dealing in and transportation of firearms and ammunition,keeping firearms and ammunition against the law (26)

R v. Gao Qingting and Liu Guiliang smuggling and connivance at smuggling case (28)

Wang Huiwen v. Zhuhai Municipality Xinguang Futures Agency Ltd. in re futures commission agency disputes case (29)

Song Zhian v. Wuxi Boiler Factory Division No. 1 disputes over patent infringement case (31)

Zhang Yanhua v. Linyi County County Annals Compiling Committee over copyright disputes case (32)

Hainan Zili Investment Ltd. v. Hainan Huaxin Estate Management Ltd. case concerning disputes arising out of a estate management jobbing contract (33)

Jingwei Co. v. Liang Jinfu case concerning disputes arising from an assignment of ship mortgage rights contract (35)

China Pacific Insurance Co. v. Dalian Yangfang Vessel Affairs Ltd. retrial by certiorari case concerning guarantee return disputes (36)

(Translated by Dr. Hanfu Liu)