Top judge calls for more good legal dramas to promote rule of law

     Updated : 2016-03-07

Zhou Qiang, president of the Supreme People’s Court, delivers a speech at the launch ceremony of a prime-time TV drama based on a judge in a small town. [Photo/Xu Lixin]
Leading actor Lin Yongjian and others present an episode of the work in the form of a stage drama. [Photo/ Sun Ruofeng]

SPC President Zhou Qiang praised a coming prime-time legal drama as an excellent work to echo the public’s expectations of rule of law, fairness and justice at the launch ceremony on March 2.

A TV drama highlighting grassroots court trials in China will be screened soon on China Central Television (CCTV).

The light comedy, a co-product of CCTV, the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) and a Beijing-based entertainment media company, is set in a small town and tells the story of a grassroots judge at a local court.

Zhou anticipated it will play a positive role in promoting socialist core values and rule of law in the country.

He called on artists to create more outstanding works about Chinese courts in an effort to raise the public’s legal awareness and appreciation of rule of law.

Chinese courts handle many cases that involve every aspect of social life, which is a valuable resource for artists, Zhou said.

The court system should work together with artists and cultural workers to reflect judicial practices of serving the people and upholding justice and fairness in high quality productions, educate the public about rule of law and contribute to a social atmosphere of learning, respecting, obeying and applying the law, he said.

Following the announcement of the drama’s upcoming debut, leading actors Lin Yongjian, Li Jian, Guo Guangping and others presented an episode of the work in the form of a stage drama and composer Li Haiying shared his experience about composing the music.

The work will debut as a prime-time show on CCTV before being shown on local television networks in Anhui and Guangdong as well as on China Education Television.