Zhou Qiang meets his German counterpart

     Updated : 2015-12-10

Zhou Qiang (right), president of China’s Supreme People’s Court, and Bettina Limperg, president of the Federal Court of Justice of Germany, shake hands at a meeting in Beijing, on Dec 8. [Photo by Sun Ruofeng]

Zhou Qiang, president of China’s Supreme People’s Court, met Bettina Limperg, president of the Federal Court of Justice of Germany in Beijing, on Dec 8.

After extending his warm welcome, Zhou said that relations between the two countries have developed rapidly and the cooperation between their judicial bodies has also deepened over the last years. As an example, he cited the exchange program between Chinese and German judges.

In a briefing on China’s rule of law development and judicial reform, Zhou pointed out that China has always made rule of law a top priority. The country included it as a basic part of the Constitution in 1999 and reaffirmed it in several important meetings. The recently released “13th Five-Year Plan” asks judicial organs to enhance credibility. “China’s courts are pushing forward the judicial reform, with the people’s satisfaction as the standard, to build a just, effective, and authoritative socialist judicial system,” said Zhou Qiang. He added that the courts have made great efforts, such as the construction of circuit courts and special IP courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

“Smart Courts” is also a key step in development of informationization - courts around the country are able to share their data and information through networks and three websites were launched to cover trials, judgment documents and execution of judgments.

To boost mutual cooperation, Zhou Qiang offered suggestions concerning exchanges, such as judge training and case study.

Bettina Limperg introduced the federal court in Germany and said the court will work to improve mutual understanding and exchange between the two countries’ judicial communities.

SPC Deputy President He Rong was present at the meeting.