Shen Deyong meets with UNDP country director

     Updated : 2015-11-06

Shen Deyong, executive vice-president of the Supreme People’s Court, met with Agi Veres, country director of the United Nations Development Program China, on Oct 30.

Shen extended congratulations on Agi Veres’ role as country director in China. He said that the UN has overcome challenges over the past 70 years and plays a positive role in maintaining world peace and realizing common development. It has also made important contributions to China's modernization, especially the reform and opening up. Shen added that the UNDP has maintained close communications with the Supreme People’s Court and both sides have carried out many long-term joint projects. Shen believed that there would be more cooperation between the two sides in future.

Shen also briefly introduced China’s judicial reform and court developments at the meeting.

Agi Veres was grateful for Shen's visit and said that the UNDP has paid great attention to law-based governance and is willing to continue strengthening long-term cooperation with the supreme court. She said that the UNDP would continue to support China's judicial reform with available resources.