Special Maritime Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China

    Updated : 2015-09-11

(Adopted at the 13th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Ninth National People's Congress on December 25, 1999 and promulgated by Order No. 28 of the President of the People’s Republic of China on December 25, 1999)


Chapter I General Principles

Chapter II Jurisdiction

Chapter III Preservation of Maritime Claims

Section 1 General Provisions

Section 2 Arrest and Auction of Ships

Section 3 Attachment and Auction of Cargo Carried by Ships

Chapter IV Maritime Injunction

Chapter V Preservation of Maritime Evidence

Chapter VI Maritime Security

Chapter VII Service

Chapter VIII Trial Procedures

Section 1 Provisions for Trial of Collision Cases

Section 2 Provisions for Trial of General Average Cases

Section 3 Provisions for Exercising the Right of Subrogation by Marine Insurers

Section 4 Summary Procedure, Procedure for Hastening Debt Recovery and Procedure for Public Exigence

Chapter IX Procedure for Constitution of Limitation Fund for Maritime Claims

Chapter X Procedure for Registration and Repayment of Debt

Chapter XI Procedure for Exigence of Maritime Liens

Chapter XII Supplementary Provisions