Civil Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China

(     Updated : 2015-09-11

(Adopted at the Fourth Session of the Seventh National People's Congress and promulgated by Order No. 44 of the President of the People's Republic of China on April 9, 1991)


Part One General Provisions

Chapter I The Aim, Scope of Application and Basic Principles

Chapter II Jurisdiction

Section 1 Jurisdiction by Forum Level

Section 2 Territorial Jurisdiction

Section 3 Transfer and Designation of Jurisdiction

Chapter III Trial Organization

Chapter IV Withdrawal

Chapter V Participants in Proceedings

Section 1 Parties

Section 2 Agents ad Liter

Chapter VI Evidence

Chapter VII Time Periods and Service

Section 1 Time Periods

Section 2 Service

Chapter VIII Conciliation

Chapter IX Property Preservation and Advance Execution

Chapter X Compulsory Measures Against Obstruction of Civil Proceedings

Chapter XI Litigation Costs

Part Two Trial Procedure

Chapter XII Ordinary Procedure of First Instance

Section 1 Bringing a Lawsuit and Entertaining a Case

Section 2 Preparations for Trial

Section 3 Trial in Court

Section 4 Suspension and Termination of Litigation

Section 5 Judgment and Order

Chapter XIII Summary Procedure

Chapter XIV Procedure of Second Instance

Chapter XV Special Procedure

Section 1 General Provisions

Section 2 Cases Concerning the Qualification of Voters

Section 3 Cases Concerning the Proclamation of a Person as Missing or Dead

Section 4 Cases Concerning the Determination of Legal Incapacity or Restricted Legal Capacity of Citizens

Section 5 Cases Concerning the Determination of a Property as Ownerless

Chapter XVI Procedure for Trial Supervision

Chapter XVII Summary Procedure for Hastening Recovery of a Debt

Chapter XVIII Procedure for Publicizing Public Notice for Assertion of Claims

Chapter XIX Bankruptcy and Debt Repayment Proceedings for Legal Person Enterprises

Part Three Procedure of Execution

Chapter XX General Stipulations

Chapter XXI Application for Execution and Referral

Chapter XXII Execution Measures

Chapter XXIII Suspension and Termination of Execution

Part Four Special Provisions for Civil Proceedings of Cases Involving Foreign Element

Chapter XXIV General Principles

Chapter XXV Jurisdiction

Chapter XXVI Service and Time Periods

Chapter XXVII Property Preservation

Chapter XXVIII Arbitration

Chapter XXIX Judicial Assistance