( Updated : 2019-12-04

The World Forum on Rule of Law in Internet will be held at the Yunzhou Guest Service Center in Wuzhen, East China's Zhejiang Province, on Dec 5.

During the conference, six topics — the Rule of Law in Cyberspace; Innovation and Development: Online Courts; Rights Protection in the Digital Era; Opportunities and Challenges: Data Protection; Regulation on Cyber Torts & Platform Liability; Artificial Intelligence Progress in Judiciary Affairs — will be discussed.

The conference is intended to keep pace with the ever-changing socioeconomic environment, based on both international and Chinese best practices, to offer a great opportunity for courts and judiciary branches at country level to open multilateral talks on possible solutions to legal and judicial challenges in the transformative age, and to distil a worldwide understanding and recognition in the design of an integrated framework for global regulation and governance of cyberspace under the rule of law.