People's tribunals conclude 20.3 mln cases within 5 years

(Xinhua) Updated : 2021-07-27

BEIJING -- People's tribunals, the lowest level of courts in China, accepted 20.4 million cases from 2016 to 2020, of which nearly 20.3 million were concluded.

The data was released at a symposium held on Sunday by the Supreme People's Court and attended by heads of high people's courts across the country.

By June this year, China had a total of 10,145 operating people's tribunals which mainly handle conflicts and disputes related to expropriation, labor, marriage and family, shop rentals, and private loans, among other matters.

People's courts at various levels have over the past years adopted a slew of measures to tap into the potential of people's tribunals to provide litigation services to the public. The measures include online case-filing services, self-service inquiries, and text message contact.

The people's tribunals have also beefed up digitization efforts, with online mediation and trials and live-streaming services available in urban districts.