China's first white paper on Taiwan-related maritime trials released

( Updated : 2020-07-23

China's first white paper on Taiwan-related maritime trials was released by the Xiamen Maritime Court on July 21.

The white paper includes Taiwan-related maritime trials during the past 30 years. The number of such cases accepted by the Xiamen Maritime Court has been increasing since the court accepted the first in November 1991.

As of March 2020, the court had accepted 506 such cases, involving a total amount of 1.22 billion yuan ($17.39 million). Over half of them were concluded in 100 days. Most of the cases were on traditional maritime and commercial disputes.Disputes over maritime cargo transportation contracts, maritime freight forwarding contracts, maritime personal injury liability, crew labor contracts and ship collision damage compensation accounted for 67 percent of the total accepted cases.

The white paper analyzes the characteristics of Taiwan-related maritime trials accepted by the court, which include their wide range of factors related to Taiwan, an increasing number of cases where the Taiwan-related parties chose the court's jurisdiction, and the intertwining of Taiwan-related and foreign-related laws.