Circuit court hosts seminar on civil and commercial case trial work

( Updated : 2020-06-22

The Sixth Circuit Court of the Supreme People's Court held a seminar on civil and commercial trial work on June 19. Zhang Shuyuan, president of the circuit court and vice-president of the SPC, made remarks at the seminar.

Zhang pointed out that the Sixth Circuit Court and the courts in its jurisdiction, located across the three provinces of Shaanxi, Gansu and Qinghai as well as the Xinjiang Uygur and Ningxia Hui autonomous regions, promoted justice for people, serviced the coordinated development of the region's economy and society, supported Belt and Road construction, cultivated a business environment based on rule of law, promoted justice online during the epidemic prevention and control period, and made new progress in civil and commercial trial work.

He urged the courts to research new situations and summarize new experiences, further unify adjudication criteria, improve trial quality and efficiency, apply more fully the fruits of smart courts construction and boost the modernization of their trial systems and capacity so as to satisfy the new expectation of the public of guarantees for their civil rights and interests, face the new situations for regular epidemic prevention and control and meet the new requirements of implementing the Civil Code.

He stressed that the courts' work should always be based on national overall interests, supporting the fighting of three critical battles against potential risks, poverty and pollution, while achieving the six stabilities and six guarantees.

Courts should stick to a problem-oriented work approach, uphold the concepts of people first and justice for people, adhere to the principles of equal protection in line with laws, the autonomy of will and fair competition, evidentiary adjudication, the unity of procedural justice and substantive justice, satisfy the public and make trial results consistent with the law and national interests.