Cui Jianmei: Strengthen rule of law to guarantee teenagers’ healthy growth

( Updated : 2020-05-29

Cui Jianmei: Strengthen rule of law to guarantee teenagers’ healthy growth
Cui Jianmei (2nd, left), a deputy to the National People’s Congress, surveys the judges' office in the Intermediate People’s Court of Bengbu. [Photo/]

Cui Jianmei, a deputy to the National People's Congress,a special supervisor designated by the Supreme People's Court (SPC) and the head of the Bengbu First Experimental School Education Group, visited the Intermediate People's Court of Bengbu, Anhui province, to inspect legal education for teenagers.

Cui spoke highly of the work of the court, saying that the court has done a good job in cracking down on criminal gangs and mafia-style organizations in accordance with the law and protecting people's livelihoods as well as their rights and interests, earning a leading position in terms of trial quality and efficiency among courtsin the province.

The Ministry of Education, along with four other ministries, has issued a guidelineon dealing with safety incidents in schools that aims to protect teenagers’ healthy growth and uphold teachers’ dignity by preventing incidents that disrupt school order. She said she hopes that the court will take practical measures based on the actual situation of Bengbu. She suggested that judges regularly disseminate legal knowledge in schools in order to create a benign law-based environment for the healthy growth of teenagers.

Gao Renbao, president of the court, said that the court wouldtake practical measures to implement an accountability system for law publicity, actively extend the adjudicatory functions and establish a long-standing mechanism for improving legal education for teenagers.