Judge in Hubei commits to epidemic prevention in community

(english.court.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-03-22

Since the beginning of the battle against the COVID-19 outbreak, Gu Fenghua, a judge at a county court in Central China’s Hubei province, has been stationed at a local community along with the court’s judicial police staff, working around the clock to prevent the spread of the virus.

Judge in Hubei commits to epidemic prevention in community

Due to a lack of property management all these years, no one even knew how many people actually living in the community, which made it harder to effectively shield it from the virus.

Upon arrival, Gu, together with judicial police officers and village cadres, immediately rolled out a sweeping screening of the community, going door to door to register personal information including residents’ health condition and travel histories.

Just two days later, a complete and accurate personal record for the community was presented by Gu, surprising everyone.

Learning that there are 26 impoverished families in the community who lost their revenue sources because of the quarantine measures, Gu promptly reported the information to the local government and assuaged their anxiety in person.

For the sake of transparency, Gu also publicized the daily expenditure made by the personnel who bought residents materials every day, effectively removing residents’ doubt about the service fee.

“It is my duty as a Party member and a judge,” said Gu.