China to give grace period to people on credit blacklists

(Xinhua) Updated : 2020-01-06

BEIJING - China will give leniency to wrongdoers on the credit blacklists and who are restricted from consumption for court order defaults with a grace period from one to three months, according to a guideline released by the Supreme People's Court.

Full-time students at school, who lose their credit because of falling into illegal campus loans, will be exempt from being listed on credit blacklists or restricted from purchasing certain products and services, according to the guideline.

The document said the punishment of restricting wrongdoers' children attending schools with high tuitions that exceed standards should be precisely understood.

For those who were restricted, people's courts should communicate with the young children and their schools to avoid negative effects, it said, adding that the punishment should not affect their legal rights to education.

Credit blacklists will be made public if wrongdoers continue to default on their court orders longer than the grace period, it said.

The grace period will be granted based on the determination of defaulters to fulfill duties and the severity of their cases, according to the guideline.

China has placed more than 14.5 million people on a credit blacklist for defaulting on their court orders as of July 9, 2019.