Luo Dongchuan meets with judge from Britain’s High Court of Justice

( Updated : 2019-08-23

Luo Chuandong, Vice-president of the Supreme People’s Court, met with Richard Arnold, Chancery Division Judge at Britain’s High Court of Justice, at the Intellectual Property Court of the Supreme People’s Court on Aug 22. The two exchanged thoughts on the professional trial of intellectual property cases, among other issues.

Luo said that the Intellectual Property Court has been making progress in improving its professionalism, applying new information technology, enhancing judges’ expertise, carrying out circuit hearings and deepening international communications since its founding.

He hoped that the court could strengthen its cooperation with countries like Britain as well as international organizations in the intellectual property field.

Arnold applauded the achievements made by the Intellectual Property Court and said he hoped that courts of the two countries could further enhance their communication and cooperation.